"West Coast" - Fan Video

Guys, we wouldn’t have made it here without yous. You’ve come to every show, jumped on stage, stole our set lists and raged with us. Our new video for our song "West Coast" features footage that we took from the last 5 years and it shows the most excellent times that we’ve had together.

BUT, we need your help in making a second video that is from your perspective. Here’s how it works:

Post your FIDLAR photos, images, GIFs, clips, WHATEVER to tumblr, twitter and instagram and use #FIDLARTOO (hashtag it). When you do that, it will appear right here on this site. We are going to look at all the stuff and make it into a new video.

We need all your shenanigans by 7/31 and we will put up a new video on 8/7. Thanks for everything!